PMC X-Tac CASE 5.56x45mm 55 Grain FMJ-BT – 1000 rounds


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PMC X-Tac CASE 5.56x45mm FMJ-BT is a type of rifle ammunition that is designed for use in 5.56x45mm chambered firearms, such as the AR-15.

The PMC X-Tac ammunition is a high-quality, precision-made ammunition that is designed to meet the needs of military and law enforcement personnel, as well as civilian shooters who demand the best in terms of accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

The “FMJ-BT” designation stands for “full metal jacket boat-tail”, which refers to the bullet design. The bullet is fully enclosed in a copper jacket, which helps to reduce lead fouling in the barrel and also provides improved accuracy. The boat-tail design of the bullet helps to reduce drag and increase the ballistic coefficient, which leads to improved long-range accuracy.

Overall, PMC X-Tac CASE 5.56x45mm FMJ-BT is a high-quality, reliable, and accurate ammunition that is well-suited for a variety of shooting applications, including target shooting, competition shooting, and hunting.

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